Class Styles


Ballet is a classical dance form characterized by precise, highly formalized steps, and gestures set in intricate, flowing patterns. It often includes the use of elaborate costumes, sets, and music. Ballet is known for its emphasis on technique, athleticism, and storytelling through graceful and expressive movements.


Bachata is a genre of Latin American music and dance that originated in the Dominican Republic. In the realm of dance, Bachata refers to a style of partner dance that complements Bachata music. It involves close connections between the dance partners, with a focus on sensual hip movements and footwork. Bachata has evolved over time, incorporating various styles and influences, and has gained popularity internationally as a social dance form.


Bollywood dance refers to the dance styles featured in Indian films, particularly those produced by the Bollywood film industry. It is a fusion of various Indian classical, folk, and contemporary dance forms with elements of Western dance. Bollywood dance is known for its vibrant energy, expressive movements, and colorful costumes. It often combines traditional and modern choreography, incorporating a mix of high-energy footwork, hand gestures, and facial expressions. 


Broadway dance typically refers to the dance styles associated with musical theater productions on Broadway. It incorporates a variety of dance forms, including jazz, tap, ballet, and contemporary dance. It is characterized by its versatility, dynamic movements, and often narrative-driven choreography that complements the storyline of a musical. 


Contemporary dance is a modern and expressive style that doesn't stick to strict rules. Dancers draw from various influences, mixing elements from different dance forms like ballet and jazz. It's all about fluid movements, personal expression, and connecting the mind with the body. Contemporary dance allows for creativity and exploration, making it a dynamic and evolving art form.

Commercial Dance

Commercial dance is a style created for entertainment purposes, often seen in music videos, TV shows, and movies. It's versatile, covering various dance styles, and dancers need both skill and charisma. The choreography can range from hip-hop to contemporary, adapting to different projects. Overall, commercial dance is about bringing joy and entertainment to a broad audience.

Dance Jam

A class that combines fitness and basic dance steps! Come for a great total body workout, that follows the music and is for all fitness and dance levels.


Heels dance combines elements of various dance forms, including jazz, hip-hop, and burlesque, and is characterized by the incorporation of sensual and feminine movements. Heels dance often emphasizes fluidity, body isolations, and confidence in movement.

Heels dance encourages self-expression and empowerment, and offers a unique way for individuals to explore movement and rhythm.

*Heel caps are required when wearing high heels. Chunky/Block heels are prohibited.

Hip Hop

Hip-hop dance is a style that emerged in the 1970s with hip-hop culture. It includes various street dance forms like breaking and popping, often done to hip-hop music. Known for its energy and creativity, hip-hop dance is improvisational, allowing dancers to showcase their individual style.


Jazz dance is a lively and expressive style that originated in the early 20th century. It mixes influences from various dance forms and includes sharp movements, syncopated rhythms, and individual expression. Jazz dance can be performed to jazz or pop music and features a range of movements, making it dynamic and versatile.

Jazz Funk

Jazz Funk incorporates the rhythmic and expressive qualities of jazz dance with the groovy and syncopated beats of funk. It features dynamic and stylized movements, making it a lively and energetic dance style. It's commonly seen in music videos, and stage performances.


K-Pop Dance is known for its precise and synchronized moves, combining elements of hip-hop, pop, jazz, and sometimes traditional Korean dance. K-pop dance routines, often seen in music videos and live performances, are carefully crafted to match the music and are visually captivating. People around the world, inspired by K-pop idols, often learn and perform these dance routines.

Late Night 18+

See "Heels" and add: This class is 18+ only. A sensual & sexy class. Let your hair down, dance like no one is watching and get in touch with your inner vixen!


Lyrical dance is a style that combines elements of ballet, jazz, and modern dance with a focus on expressing emotions through movement. Expect fluid and graceful movements, emphasizing the connection between the dancer's emotions and the music. It's a style that encourages personal expression and storytelling through dance.


Salsa dance is a lively and social partner dance that originated in the Caribbean, particularly in Cuba. It is characterized by energetic footwork, hip movements, and intricate patterns, often danced to music with a distinct salsa rhythm. Salsa incorporates a mix of dance styles, including Afro-Cuban and Latin jazz influences. 


SoulDance is a vibrant class that brings together energetic stretch & strength exercises, motivating instructors, and a lively atmosphere. Participants move to the beat in a dynamic, music-filled space, combining cardio, dance, and a sense of community. It's a fun and immersive dance experience that encourages both physical fitness and positive energy, creating a supportive dance environment.


Tap dance is a style of dance characterized by the use of specialized shoes with metal taps on the soles, which create percussive sounds when striking the floor. Dancers create rhythmic patterns and beats through a combination of heel and toe taps, often synchronized with music. Tap dance is a dynamic and expressive dance form that emphasizes precise footwork and musicality.